Wednesday, June 29, 2011



I'm so sorry, juz announced that LP will be updated tomorrow but i'll be away tomorrow morning and made it to update tonight
So juz ignore the announcement before :D 

Email me for any enquiries ok ^.^
Hope there's something u like
Enjoy Everyday Special Promotion and Free Postage!

CODE : LP 096 (Diamond Shirt)

Description : Worn less than five times, in a very good condition (shirt and diamonds)
Condition : 10/10
Material : Non stretchable cotton
Size : S to M
Price : RM 12 (Free postage)


CODE : LP 097 (Wavy Black)

Description : Brand new but have been washed, no defect, same dress as LP 092 (June issue Batch 14) and LP 025 (January issue Batch 4)
Condition : 10/10
Material : Not sure, it's cotton mixed with other materials I guess
Size : S to L
Price : RM 18 (Free postage)


Great offer for shawls lover!
Choose any four shawls for RM 15 only including postage
This offer applicable from shawl number 1 to 20 only
Please refer the number on the pictures 

CODE : LP 098 (Shawls No. _____ )

Description : Shawls from no. 1 until 12 are preloved, worn less than three times (some are never been worn), shawls from no. 13 until 20 are brand new (still in plastic bags), ALL are in good condition

Material : (1)-Silk SOLD, (2)-Silk SOLD, (3)-Silk SOLD, (4)-Mortada SOLD
(5)-Georgette SOLD, (6)-Silk SOLD, (7)-Mortada, 
(8)-Mortada SOLD, (9)-Silk SOLD, (10)-Georgette SOLD, (11)-Silk SOLD, (12)-Georgette SOLD, (13)-Silk SOLD, (14)-Mortada, (15)-Georgette,(16)-Silk SOLD, (17)-Not sure, (18)-Georgette, (19)-Mortada, (20)-Silk SOLD

Price : Four shawls for RM 15 (Free postage)


CODE : LP 099 (Shawls Combo)

Description : Worn less than three times, pashmina and red ribbon shawl both are in good condition
Material : Pashmina and georgette ribbon shawl
Price : RM 15 (Free postage)


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